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Grove Theatre, Dunstable

The Grove is a relatively new venue, only about four years old, and is situated in Grove House Gardens. It seats nearly 800 on two levels and is part of a nice looking complex, which consists of the theatre, three restaurants and bars alongside the Leisure Centre.

As such, parking is close by. It takes about 5 minutes to walk to the theatre with a toddler and less if they are in a buggy!

The bars and restaurants next to the theatre are very nice but not really suitable for the very young children but the big ASDA across the road has a cafe.

Buggys are left in the foyer by the doors which lead into the auditorium. Whenever we have been there there have only been about three by our entrance door which is fine but I don’t know how things would get if there were more!

For good seats, I would recommend the side stalls which are a bit like boxes with three short rows in each section. Because of the raking there is a great view for even the smallest ones and it’s also easy to get out if you need to because even if you’re not at the end of a row, there are only about five seats per row so you don’t disturb too many people!

Ice cream at the interval is £2 a pop (Feb 2012). There’s a bar so you can get soft drinks for kids.

There is only one baby changing room though, so a queue does often develop.

The Grove House Gardens in front of the theatre has a playground so children can play outside until the last minute and also let off steam during the interval.


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