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About the venues

LG Arena

We drove to the arena for CBeebies live and parking cost £8.00 (tip – buy your ticket before the show to save queueing afterwards).

We were directed to the South Car Park which is about a five minute walk to the arena but seemed to be closest. We took our buggy to the venue where it could be left for free in a communal area and ticketed so that it could easily be retrieved afterwards. There were a lot of buggies though so we made sure we made a swift exit to avoid the queue.

There is plenty of baby changing in both the women’s and the men’s toilets which pleased me a lot!

Food is basically fast food (lots of chips available) with a number of seating areas but for a 2pm performance we made sure we all ate before we left and if we hadn’t been able to do that, then I would have opted for a picnic in the car park!

Don’t plan to take your own food in though because glass bottles, cans, flasks and cool boxes are not allowed – although baby bottles and beakers are OK – I think there would have been a riot if they weren’t!

The stewards were friendly and helpful and very kindly gave us new tickets lower down and nearer to the front when they saw that ours were quite high up as there were still some available.

I had been worried by the logistics of getting a toddler to a seat in such a big venue but was pleasantly surprised by how easy it all was.


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