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Wycombe Swan, High Wycombe

The 1076 seat Wycombe Swan opened in 1992 and is a modern airy theatre, right in the heart of the town centre.

The side stalls are raked and go right up to the circle and we have found that these seats are ideal for small children as there is an excellent view and you don’t need one of the theatre’s booster seats. These cost £1 to hire and are advisable if you are in the much flatter central stalls seats.

You are directed to leave buggies in a far corner of the foyer. There weren’t too many when we were there for The Gruffalo so it was all very easy – but it could get a bit crazy at a show aimed at a VERY young audience as it wasn’t ticketed like some theatres – just find a spare bit of space and leave it.

The theatre does offer pre-show meals in the foyer dining areas with a children’s menu.

For £4.00 they can have either chicken chunks, mini burger or cheese and tomato pizza all served with French fries  – but we haven’t tested this yet!

The main thing to say about the Swan is to allow plenty of time to park in High Wycombe town centre, especially during market days (Tue, Fri and Sat).

There is a multi-storey Pay and Display Car Park next to the theatre which has 316 spaces including 15 disabled bays and a height restriction of 6’8′ (2.06m) but it does get very busy as it’s not just a theatre car park. However, if you can get in there then it is very convenient, it takes about one minute to get into the theatre – and you probably won’t need your buggy!

Alternative parking includes Pay-On-Foot Easton Street car park about a five minute walk away with 494 spaces while Newland Pay-On-Foot car park at the Eden Shopping Centre has 1570 spaces located on Lily’s Walk just 10 minutes from the theatre.




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