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Mickey’s Rockin’ Roadshow – Disney Live

Aylesbury Waterside Theatre
6 August 2013, 4.30pm

I was completely exhausted by the assault on the senses that is Mickey’s Rockin’ Roadshow, but as my three-year-old loved “Disney Live”, I was happy to take the hit!

It’s a well put together, fast-paced and entertaining show so more than worth the evening lying in a darkened room that followed – even if the excitement generated was a bit like the pre-school equivalent of a One Direction concert!

It started when we entered the foyer as it was like walking into Disneyland. My heart initially sank. I thought we may as well just empty our bank accounts into the Disney coffers straight away.

Luckily V seemed so overwhelmed by the primary colour-fest that she forgot to mither for merchandise and we got away with an £8 programme (obligatory for souvenir purposes) a flashy Toy Story wand (just obligatory) and a Cinderella T-shirt (useful at least!)

The show itself is what you would expect from Disney – bright, slick and packed with fun and sheer exuberance.

The premise is simple.

In the first act, Disney stalwarts Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Goofy and Donald go on a journey to find acts for their talent show, accompanied by an extremely catch “Mickey Mouse Bus” song.

In doing so, they enlist the services of Cinderella, Woody, Jess and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story and a bouncing Tigger.

In the second act they perform in said show with acts which delighted my particular pre-schooler.

The Toy Story characters lasso-ed, juggled and hula-hooped, Cinderella sang and changed into a very sparkly dress and Tigger – well, Tigger bounced. Plus sent out huge bouncy balls into the audience, which my husband was particularly excited by.

It was packed with lively singing and dancing and all held together by a lively narrator whose job it was to whip the young audience into a frenzy.

He seemed to be the only character not miming which bothered me at first but, thinking about it, I realised that for the sake of the children, you just couldn’t have performers trying to recreate iconic voices.

However, good they were, it wouldn’t have been what children expected and kids are a very critical and discerning audience.

V would certainly have complained if her current hero – Cinderella – had not sounded exactly like Cinderella.

The mark of a good show for us is a child mesmerised by the action on the stage, who doesn’t fidget and who spends ages talking about her favourite bits afterwards. So mission accomplished!

Running time

About 90 minutes with a 15 minute interval. The first half is about 45 minutes. All in all – excellent length.

Other stuff

Loads of merchandise available in the foyer – they take cards! But we did get a free Buzz Lightyear helmet! Plus your child can have their photo taken against a Disney scene.



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