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Children's shows - reviews

Three Colours

Norwich Puppet Theatre
28 August 2013, 11.00am

Excited about seeing the show!

Excited about seeing the show!

Always keen to try and take in a show while on our holiday, I was delighted to see that the renowned Norwich Puppet Theatre had a show for two-year-olds and upwards.

Our visit was a huge success and youngsters aside, I found the soothing sensory 35 minute show so utterly relaxing, I nearly asked for a DVD to play at my own bedtime to help me drift off!

Presented by the NPT and Polka Theatre, Three Colours explores the red, blue and green hues and creates a vibrant interactive experience using media from the simple lightbulb and white sheets to overhead projection and includes puppets, music and dance.

The two performers create a magical world of imaginary landscapes where you can dive into the deep blue sea, hop around with green frogs, rustle in leaves and look into the red flames of a bonfire.

The children, who sit on white cloud cushions at the front are drawn right into the action as frogs and fish come to nibble their toes and leaves fall from the sky.

It is simply mesmerising for the children and my own daughter, usually on the go all the time, was so entranced it was almost like she had been hypnotised!

It is also lovely that in today’s world, a show which does not rely on familiar branded characters can hold the attention of the very young.

We took advantage of the special offer whereby we could book a ticket and a place at a workshop which follows some of the performances and there it was clear that while she had been quiet during the show, she had taken it all in.

In the session, three leaders from the puppet theatre encouraged creative exploration and play, again using light and projection, and the youngsters were able to make fish swim in the sea, chase frogs and put sticks on a campfire.

Norwich Puppet Theatre

Norwich Puppet Theatre

The magic of the show is complemented by its setting.

The theatre is housed in the church of Saint James, a Grade 1 listed Medieval building in the centre of Norwich. It still includes many original features and the foyer is home to a large number of puppets, all of which makes you feel like you have had a very special experience.

We will return!

Running time: 35 minutes

Age: Billed as 2 upwards but there are also some “baby friendly” performances.

Other stuff

You can buy a range of finger puppets in the foyer which we took full advantage of. The £10 Goldilocks set has been worth every penny, plus we got two others at £3 a pop. It does add up if you buy a few but what you get from your child’s imagination afterwards is priceless.

To find out dates and times of shows and workshops visit: Norwich Puppet Theatre



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