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Postman Pat Live: It’s Showtime!

Grove Theatre, Dunstable
14 September 2013, 1.00pm

Postman Pat Live!

Excitedly displaying the “well worth it” Postman Pat Live activity programme

The idea of Postman Pat always makes me chuckle, as he seems to do so little actual posting, so while my three-year-old spent 90 minutes happily singing and dancing, I amused myself by pondering whether or not his job maybe in jeopardy now that the Royal Mail is to be sold off!

Frankly, if PP’s example is anything to go by, it’s little wonder they decide it to float it on the stock exchange. But, with the rapid growth of email, if diversification is the key to the service’s survival, then the village of Greendale could be the model for the rest of the UK because Pat seems to be involved in everything but actually distributing letters!

But then again, a children’s show where all the main character does is put “sorry we missed you” cards through letterboxes wouldn’t be very engaging!

As it is, the Postman Pat Live show provides an entertaining afternoon for youngsters, who get ample opportunity to sing, dance and shout out – perfect!


Premier Stage Productions & Classic Media’s all singing, all dancing show, features favourite characters, Ted, Amy, Ajay, Mrs Goggins and of course Pat and his cat, Jess.

The action takes place on the day of the Greendale Talent Show and there is excitement because a top talent scout will be on the lookout for a rising star.

But Ted’s solar powered karaoke machine (yes really!) will not work unless its new solar panel is delivered in time, and given that it’s in the hands of the post office, it’s looking doubtful.

With the show in jeopardy – can Pat save the day?!

As we waited with baited breath to see if it arrived, the characters practise their jolly songs in a boys versus girls scenario.

Although I wasn’t entirely happy with the introduction of gender competition to such young children, the songs were undeniably catchy and my three-year-old sang along with both, oblivious to the sex divide.

With the premise that repetition is the key to learning, both groups sing their song a number of times and soon the whole audience was joining in.

Yes – the same song over and over again maybe tedious for adults, but it’s a children’s show and they loved it!

For those interested in how it is “done”, the actors in full head and body mascot-style costume act along to the story, with the pre-recorded dialogue played over the speakers.

The fixed happy faces make it a real feel good show, even when the talent show is under threat, and it’s also easy for the youngsters to follow and well performed by all.

The audience is involved throughout with shouting, singing, dancing and willing Pat, and his unabated enthusiasm, to succeed! Let’s hope he survives the sell-off!

Running time: About 90 minutes including a 15 minute interval

Age range: Billed as for 3-6 year olds.

Other stuff: A glossy activity programme costs £3 and is well worth it. Other merchandise is quite pricey but seems to be good quality so if your child’s a fan, take some cash. A plush PP will set you back £12, DVDs £8 and a PP van, £15. I got talked into buying the standard flashing wand for a fiver by a three-year-old, but hopefully it will last throughout panto season as well!

For tour details go to: http://www.postmanpat.com/parents/events/



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