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Is I Can’t Sing suitable for youngsters?

I hadn’t intended to write a review of I Can’t Sing: The X Factor Musical for Childplays but when I went to a preview performance there were so many younger people there, it struck home that the TV show has so many young fans, parents may well be planning a visit.

Therefore – you can read the full review on the Forest Bird blog for “grown-up” shows here – but here are a view thoughts on its suitability for youngsters.

Language-wise there is a sprinkling of ar*** and sh*ts but nothing too bad and they are few and far between.

Story-wise there is a seduction scene that may need explanation.

It’s really hard to suggest a minimum age, it depends what your children know and what you think they should hear but personally I don’t think I would take an under-9 or 10.

Those with wordly-wise seven-year-old fans of the TV show may disagree though! And to be honest – there is more risqué stuff on the TV show – remember Rihanna – or Lady Gaga!

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the preview performance was about three hours long – including a pretty long interval – it is likely to get a bit shorter but it’s still quite a while for young children to sit for.


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