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Imagination Movers – Back in Blue

Bloomsbury Theatre, London
31 May 2014, 1pm

Movers show

V’s over there underneath the red hat!

“I’m 73, and I have a favourite Mover,” a grandmother said to me in the queue for the toilets.

At least I assume she was a grandmother and at the theatre legitimately with a child, but such is the appeal of the Imagination Movers to both adults and children I wouldn’t have been surprised if she had just fancied a bit of boogie on her own!

But we all have a favourite Mover – don’t we? Mine’s “over there underneath the red hat” as they say. Yes Dave, whose surname, Poche, by delightful coincidence also happens to be the same as my favourite Chinese takeaway!

But onto the show!

The Imagination Movers’ Disney Junior show uses music and humour to encourage children to “reach high, think big, work hard and have fun”.

It teaches children to solve problems imaginatively but also shows the importance of teamwork and not giving up if things don’t go quite right at first.

Every episode has a high-energy rock song – or two – and the four, who are also very talented musicians use these to make their live shows into what are essentially pre-school rock concerts.

It is genius.

Dave, Scott, Rich and Smitty are very talented musicians in their own right, but they don’t just stand and play and sing, they encourage crowd interaction and teach the audience actions which gets everybody up and moving.

The Back in Blue set, which is all live, yes LIVE music for once, included all the favourites from their theme tune to Brainstormin’ and Jump to renditions of Pharrell’s Happy and EMF’s Unbelievable.

But there is no us and them – the four regularly head into the audience, complete with instruments and walk along the rows singing, high-fiving and posing for selfies to the unconfined delight of all ages.

Mover Dave even touched my shoulder. I am never washing my top again!

And then there’s the props – from big balloons sent out for the audience to keep afloat to a smoke machine that shot out patterns to an ingenious machine that catapulted loo roll around the theatre, the show is just a high energy spectacle of fun.

The team genuinely seem to to be having the time of their lives, they have time for everybody and their enthusiasm is highly infectious – you can’t fail to leave with a smile on your face and if they inspire even one child to emulate them, they have suceeded!

The fab four have toured all over the world but this was their UK debut.

It’s been a long time coming but well worth the wait. I hope they come back next year!

Oh yes – and my four-year-old does too!

V’s verdict – aged four

I liked the toilet rolls but you can’t use them in the theatre, you have to go to the toilet!

See a clip from Back in Blue!

Run time: About 75 minutes straight through.

Age range: Everybody!

More information about Imagination Movers.



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