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The House of Magic

An easy-watching film for children that didn’t send me off to sleep has got to be a winner!

The House of Magic is an action-packed tale of Thunder, an abandoned kitten who finds a new home in the creepy looking magical house of Lawrence – an ageing magician.

The magician’s smarmy estate agent nephew wants the house sold and Lawrence put in a retirement home so, against all the odds Thunder and an assortment of toys which come to life try to save it from being sold – despite the efforts of Lawrence’s other pets – Jack the rabbit and Maggie the mouse – who want to get rid of the moggy.

Handily the nephew has a cat allergy which helps the story enormously!

It’s lots of fun, very frenetic and the characters are cute but there’s nothing really new in the story of toys coming to life or a group trying to frighten off prospective house buyers – but my four-year-old loved it so who am I to quibble.

There is also nothing really very surprising or innovative about the story – you just know it will all turn out OK in the end but I genuinely wanted to know how they would do it!

The eclectic selection of old pop classics in the soundtrack WAS a surprise but The Cure’s Love Cats, Madness’s House of Fun and even more bizarrely Shakin’ Stevens’ This Ole House did make me smile.

All in all it’s an easy to watch family caper.

V’s verdict

I liked the kitty cat who was cute.

Cert U: 85 minutes.


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