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Milkshake Live – Party Party

Milkshake Live

V loved high-energy Milkshake Live!

Grove Theatre, Dunstable
6 September, 1pm

I wish I could have some of whatever Milkshake’s Jen Pringle is on!

Not only is she relentlessly happy when presenting Channel Five’s morning programmes for children, but on stage, as she helps to bring favourite TV characters to life, she is a neverending ball of energy!

I wonder if she ever has a bad day or in reality, away from an audience, just growls at everyone?! I wouldn’t blame her!

But that aside, the Milkshake Live show is a fun way to spend an hour or so, lets your children see some of their favourite TV characters and, let’s be honest here, doesn’t drag on too long for the adults. (Often a problem with some others!)

Packed with music and dance, it features the presenters plus characters including the Little Princess, Noddy, Bananas in Pyjamas, Toby’s Travelling Circus and more.

The premise is that it’s Milkshake Monkey’s birthday and the two guest presenters, which in our case were Jen and Curtis Angus, are trying to arrange a surprise party.

Various characters come on stage and do a lively song and dance when they are invited to the party.

But monkey thinks they have forgotten it’s his special day and runs off.

The simple plot then revolves around seeing if he can be found before the party starts.

It rattles along at pace with both favourite and new songs coming thick and fast and doesn’t outstay its welcome, keeping children interested to the end.

The high-energy presenters hold it all together and if the endless happiness is a mask, then it certainly doesn’t slip.

I was exhausted by the end – and I hadn’t moved!

For details of dates visit the website.

Run time: Just over an hour with a 20 minute interval.

Age range: About 3-7 but younger siblings will be fine!

Other stuff: A good quality activity programme was £3. There’s a fair bit of other Milkshake character merchandise but nothing I could see was over a tenner.




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