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Puss in Boots

Waiting for Puss in Boots!

Waiting for Puss in Boots!

Radlett Centre, Radlett
2.00pm, Saturday 28 March 2015

Personally I would never trust a cat – you just know they are planning all sorts behind that calm, innocent exterior and if they started to talk then woah – run for the hills!

The popular tale of Puss in Boots has only served to perpetuate this impression over the years but this production is no pantomime, where the innuendo and slapstick (great as it is at Christmas) detracts from a tale of adventure and cunning that is also sometimes bloodthirsty.

Lyngo Theatre’s production uses just one man on a sloping stage with hidden trap doors, puppets and props, to expertly tell the tale –  all of which makes it pretty fascinating for the young mind and keeps them hooked.

Patrick Lynch, formerly of CBeebies copes admirably with what looks like a very steep platform as he spends 50 minutes completely drawing you into the world of the original, perfectly adapting to all the characters. His work with a cat puppet was so good that you might wonder “what puppet?”

V laughed a lot and watched open mouthed when he climbed through the stage into a pond and removed his underwear to wash it. I think she was wondering exactly where he was going with this – as did we all – but don’t worry, it’s all totally child friendly!

A windmill, a pond and a hot bread oven are created using simple but effective devices and cascading fruit and veg tumble from the stage as the famous feline’s journey of fooling both the King and the Ogre to put his master at the top, allowing him to marry the princess, reaches its climax.

The moral of being true to yourself is made very clear, although I do wonder about the future of the  marriage of a princess to a once poor man when their union is based on lies and trickery – and from a cat at that – but luckily V is still at the  fabulous “and they all lived happily ever after stage” of fairy tales – we’ll worry about some of the odder morals later!

But all in all, it’s an entertaining and engaging 50 minutes of storytelling for all.

V’s verdict
I liked it when he ate the ogre because he was very bad and he turned into a mouse and the man was funny. The show was very popular
Run time: 50 minutes and no interval – our favourite!

Age range: 4+ – I think it is more suitable for this older range – there’s a lot to take in.

Other stuff: No merchandise – hurrah!

Visit Lyngo Theatre for more details and tour dates.



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