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Disney on Ice: Magical Ice Festival

Disney on Ice

Studying the programme to see what Disney on Ice would bring.

Genting Arena, Birmingham
11.30am, 4 April 2015
There comes a time if you are the parent of a child of a certain age – most likely a girl although I never wish to stereotype – when if you hear Let It Go one more time you really will. And it won’t be pretty.

But I am prepared to make an exception for Disney on Ice, even though the ever growing train of mini Elsa and Annas making their way into the Genting Arena (not sure what happened to LG), made my heart sink.

But Disney’s massive hit shows no sign of losing its appeal and if ever one of their creations was made for depiction on ice it is Frozen. The name is a bit of a giveaway obviously – but forget trying to do a stage adaptation, it should be on ice all the way as it’s the only way to authentically feel what Elsa has managed to do.

But before you get to what is for many the main event, there are other characters and songs loved by kids to entertain an expectant audience.

Mickey and Minnie – plus a bit of Donald and Goofy – host the show and introduce each half.

Frozen is saved for the end but warming the audience up are the stories of Little Mermaid Ariel, Rapunzel and Beauty and the Beast, each played out with faithful costumes, favourite songs, explosions of colour and spectacle and of course the ice element which makes it just that little bit more exciting as you never know when there might be a fall.

Thankfully these were very few and far between and totally forgivable given the complexity and difficulty of what was going on.

While the kids were transfixed at colourful sea creatures, Ariel’s aerial acrobatics and Rapunzel’s lanterns floating towards the ceiling, the adults not only marvelled at lycra clad bottoms but also how the normally 90 minutes of film (if you’re lucky!) could be summarised in 20-30 mins max – why don’t they do this on screen – honestly you got the gist of it without the faffing!

Then, with the sort of reception usually reserved for headliners at a rock concert, Frozen bursts onto the rink to huge screams and applause – like a pre-school version of a One Direction gig.

Disney on Ice Frozen

Frozen on ice!

As snow falls from the roof and bright lights swirl in the dark, a real Elsa and Anna spin around the rink, complete with Kristoff and huge skating moose, Sven. As all the familiar songs fill the auditorium, you remember that it’s actually a great film – something you’d forgotten well before the 150th viewing!

Disney on Ice shows are simply an icy spectacular with something for all the family and in the latest production, the long awaited Frozen performance is a triumph!
V’s verdict
The ice queen was good because she had her ice queen dress underneath her coronation dress and Rapunzel was good because she had a good wig. I liked the snowmaker and the steps too.

Run time: Just over 2 hours with a 15 minute interval.

Age range: I don’t think there’s a limit at either end of the scale!

Other stuff: Just be prepared to either be strict or empty the contents of your purse or wallet straight into the merchandise till. A souvenir programme is £10 and you get a free Disney princess rose with it. I still can’t believe we succumbed to a £23 plush Elsa doll – our excuse was it was in lieu of Easter eggs. A LOT of Easter eggs!



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