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A child's view

Duck in the Truck

Radlett Centre, Radlett
11.30am, 29 May 2015

Duck in the Truck

Waiting for Duck in the Truck

From Mr Childplays!

Taking my daughter to a theatre on my own is always good fun, but when a theatre company like Blunderbus are in town (in this case the Radlett Centre) you know it will be one to remember.

Duck in a Truck is one of my five year old’s favourite books so it made sense to take her to see the live adaptation. The story is very simple, duck gets his truck stuck in the muck, his friends, frog, sheep and goat try to help him and eventually he escapes leaving them stuck.

What the makers of the live show have done is take that basic story and add more muck, water and talking vegetables, along with a happier ending to the narrative to ensure everyone has a great time.

The show starts with all three main actors in the audience having a chat with people as they take their seats.

But my daughter didn’t want to talk to George and whispered to me “make him go away!”

Soon enough members of the audience are helping with proceedings including looking after the “veggie-tables!” and trying to push the truck with duck. I enjoyed goat in his water squirting boat which soaked the first five rows, but generally every twist of the story was handled in an original and inventive way.

A good production for kids is when it works on two levels, something for kids and something for adults. Duck in a Truck got the balance right and meant that everyone left the theatre with smiles on their faces and very happy children.

V quotes
“I enjoyed them making fart noises for the mud using the big cones.”
“The mud slinging at the audience was funny.”
“I want a boat that squirts water!”

We went to Pizza Express afterwards and they forgot my salad and gave me the wrong pizza. Thankfully they got my daughter’s order correct so she enjoyed her meal.


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