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Children's shows - reviews


Norwich Puppet Theatre, Norwich
2pm, 3 August 2015


Outside the theatre

As always, our trip to the Norwich Puppet Theatre was a delight – a beautiful, innovative nugget of theatre that is a joy to watch.

The show is based on the book by Joyce Dunbar in which three rather unusual creatures have their own special treasures and ask themselves questions.

The Lostlet has a golden leaf and wonders what he hopes for, the Strangelet has a smooth white pebble and wonders what he dreams of while the Oddlet listens to a seashell and thinks about what he wishes for.

Then a little boy appears, who seems even odder than them, so they all team up to make their dreams come true.

The action is played out using just one skillful puppeteer on a small set that cleverly changes from scene to scene to depict  an epic journey.

This is just a lovely, gentle and whimsical tale that is both fascinating and also relaxing to watch. There is something rather mesmerising about the strange little characters going on their journey as you wonder how the set will change next. It’s almost balletic in its feel.

Another lovely 50 minutes in Norwich.

Age range: 3-8 years

Running time: 50 minutes with no interval

Other stuff: NO specific merchandise but there’s a good range of finger puppets and other souvenirs for sale.



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