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Children's shows - reviews

The Lion King

Royal Lyceum Theatre, London
2.30pm, 26 July 2015

The Lion King

Engrossed in the souvenir programme

I don’t think there is anything I could write about The Lion King that hasn’t already been said – it’s been in the West End for years and it’s an absolutely fabulous show – that’s all you need to know really!

It has great songs – that goes without saying – and the story is faithful to the Disney movie, which has been watched hundreds of times in our house so any uncomfortable deviation would have been instantly pointed out by a five year-old.

It’s creative, clever, funny and emotional and the innovative way the animals are depicted is just mindblowing. I managed to only cry three times and while it’s certainly not a cheap day out, the Circle of Life is worth the ticket price alone. And frankly, anything that keeps a five-year-old enthralled for two and a half hours is worth every penny.

V is five and is pretty obsessed by the film at the moment so this was a special treat. The age range recommends six upwards but I would say that if your five year-old is able to sit through that length of show, as a production, it’s fine content-wise if they’re a bit younger. But just note that under-threes are not allowed.

That’s all I have to say really – a West End spectacular and truly brilliant from start to finish.

Run time: 2 hours 30 minutes including a 20 minute interval.

Age range: 6+

Other stuff: The is a tonne of merchandise available and it’s not cheap but it’s very good quality. Give yourself a decent budget before you go in and say you’ll stick to it, then you’ll only go about 100% over that! It’s good stuff!



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