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Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice

Excited about Disney on Ice

Genting Arena, Birmingham
3.00pm, Saturday 9 April 2016

Another amazing show from the Disney on Ice team, where short versions of favourite films are created – on ice!

This offering saw a beautiful It’s a Small World and and exciting The Lion King and Peter Pan in the first half – with a surpise touch of Mary Poppins – followed by The Little Mermaid and Frozen in the second, all linked together by favourite characters Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy.

It was a visual spectacular, and even if you’re not into Disney then the huge skill of the skaters is enough wow factor to keep anyone interested.

The LK is a house favourite here and Simba and Nala did some gorgeous duets. Huge props to whoever was in the Pumba costume though – skating on all fours. Made my back ache just watching!

The flying in Peter Pan was managed skillfully and the pirate fights were exciting thanks to creative choreography. The huge inflatable crocodile was fun and brought a cheer when Hook got his come-uppance.

I loved The Little Mermaid as a chorus of colourful sea creatures filled the rink and bubbles floated down from the ceiling. Ariel was an incredible skater and performed some literally breathtaking moves.

Bubbles were replaced by snow for the Frozen section – and what could be a more appropriate show for the ice?

Now don’t get me wrong, it was extremely well done and seemed to have the biggest audience appreciation with actual gasps when Elsa took her coat off to reveal the familiar costume, but frankly I’m so over Frozen now that I began to shift around a bit in my seat!

The show is all very colourful and fun with exciting effects and we all enjoyed it very much but I do object to being told by the announcer that I am having “so much fun” and should text all my friends to tell them. If I did that then my said friends would think I’d finally lost it.

And I don’t even want to begin to think about how much cash they’re making from the merchandise – it’s probably enough to make off shore tax havens look like children’s piggy banks. But people were lapping it up – if anyone tries to tell you how much people are struggling in this county, then point them in the direction of a Disney show and you’ll see where all the money’s going!

Luckily V has learnt over the years to be discerning and didn’t mither for anything so we just got a programme as a souvenir and that was that.

We all left happy – it’s a slick, exciting show, no complaints about that.

V’s verdict
They were all very good, especially Simba’s flip. I loved the finale and Frozen was good. I also liked how they moved their feet and it gave me a few tips for when I’m older! The Mary Poppins bit was funny and a surprise because it is my favourite imaginary film!

Running time: 2 hours including a 20 minute interval.

Age range: All.

Merchandise: Programme is £8. The rest – just empty your purse or be strong.



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