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Children's shows - reviews


Alban Arena
2pm, 16 February 2017

A nice, compact and reasonably short show – 55 minutes without an interval – full of monstery fun and with some catchy original music and audience participation.

Based on the picture book by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort, the creators of Aliens Love Underpants, it tells of Monty – a science-loving boy who likes conjuring things up in his inventing machine while his mum is cleaning the house.

But perpetuating gender stereotypes aside, this is a fun and creative show which seemed to keep all the children enthralled as Monty creates his monsters.

At just turned seven-years-old, V is now at the upper end of the age spectrum for shows like this but there is no doubt that the ubiquitous mentions of the disgusting ingredients needed to conjure up the monsters is enough to make most ages giggle – including Mr A for whom belly button fluff and mouldy cheese obviously still make him chuckle as much as a small child.

The monsters are fun and Bogablob was enough to make anyone of any age giggle – it’s just a funny name – how can anyone not laugh? Plus – for any one mildly concerned, it’s about monsters but it’s not scary at all.

And if, like me the thought of audience interaction makes you shudder – don’t worry – it’s OK and just for the kids. No humiliation of the adults for a change. Before the show started, several children were given jars of yucky stuff to put in the monster making machine, with Monty then asking each of them to bring these up throughout the performance as needed.

The three-strong cast are full of energy and enthusiasm and after the giant Montersaurus comes on at the end, Monty and Mum finish with a singing and dancing climax which gets the audience clapping along. Even me.

Running time: 55 minutes with no interval

Age range: Advertised as 3+

Other stuff: You can buy the Monstersaurus book and lots of others.



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