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Children's shows - reviews

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Milton Keynes Theatre
12.00, 21 April 2017

Another triumph for children from the Northern Ballet Theatre. Once again, they have provided the perfect way to introduce young ones to the magic of live theatre, and in particular of course, ballet.

Most children will probably know the story of Goldilocks & the Three Bears – and even if they don’t, the clear way the story is told will ensure that they do by the end of a very comfortable 40-minute show – a perfect length for little ones.

As well as the three bears and the golden-haired girl dancing out the classic porridge, chair and bed scenes, this company also includes the characters of a mysterious fox and a bluebird to add extra interest.

The scenes are bright and colourful and the scene changes are clever and slick – with an ingenious set of beds and a clever collapsing chair.

The ballet dancing is beautiful and expressive so children can really see that it is possible to tell a story without words.

At seven-years-old, V is at the upper end of the age range for these shows but we have seen all their children’s productions so far and she has enjoyed every one, so I can’t see her wanting to miss the next one just yet!



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