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Children's shows - reviews

The Sooty Show Live

Radlett Centre, Radlett
11.00pm, 23 September 2017

To be honest we went to see The Sooty Show more for my benefit than V’s and I can truthfully say I laughed more during this show than I have during any TV comedy in the last decade. Sweep’s definitely still got it!

The Sooty Show concept has been rebooted and refreshed since my Harry and then Matthew Corbett days but the soundless whispering puppet is still alive and well – even though he must be in his mid-sixties.

Now an ITV show presented by Richard Cadell, the presenter fronts the stage show with all the energy and enthusiasm that you’d expect. And the great thing is that because Sooty, Sweep and Soo have been entertaining children since the mid-50s, everyone in the theatre also enjoys and appreciates the show.

The show opens with the little yellow (ish) bear in a game of hide and seek with both young and older (ahem) in the audience shouting out and pointing where he was.

What follows is the cheeky threesome, together with Cadell, attempting to put on a talent show – a show within a show (metadrama don’t you know!)

Song, dance, magic and mayhem ensues with Sooty’s famous misinterpretations causing hilarity, some pretty risqué double entendres which thankfully – or hopefully – went over the children’s heads and lots of audience participation, including youngsters being invited onto the stage and being part of the action.

Much of the humour derives from bottoms – literally – the numerous fart noises predictably sent the children into hysterics and I’d be lying if I said the adults weren’t chuckling as well!

In true Sooty style, everything that can go wrong does, a scenario that has never failed to entertain throughout theatrical history.

We even ended up with a flashy thing – three months before panto season! Who cares? This was an hour and a half (including an interval) of pure fun!

Running time: 90 minutes including a 15 minute interval.

Age range: 0-100 + (total family fun)

Other stuff: Programmes £3, flashing Sooty wand £5, puppets £12 and a selection of DVDs.


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