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Children's shows - reviews

Gangsta Granny

Hertford Theatre, Hertford
7.00pm, March 2018

Both funny and touching, under the guise of a fantastical adventure story, Gangsta Granny reminds us not to overlook people, whether they are youngsters (who can’t possibly know anything!) or older people (who can’t possibly be interesting!)

It’s the story of Ben, who hates spending Fridays at his granny’s house while his parents think they are Anton du Beke and Erin Boag, because she’s boring and smells of cabbage.

But when he finds a stash of stolen jewels in her biscuit tin he finds that his granny is actually one of the most exciting people ever!

David Walliams story adapted for the stage by the Birmimgham Stage Company is mostly fun, although there are touches of pathos such as when Granny realises Ben doesn’t like visiting her but it’s the highlight of her week.

But as the pair go on an adventure, you really want to find out what on earth happens – and it’s both ridiculous and satisfying.

This adaptation tells the story without too much padding although, amongst the fart jokes there are often some intresting asides such as dancing bears and crazy escapes.

The cast are excellent and the sets are fascinating with Jacqueline Trousdale’s set in three segments which fold out seamlessly into Granny’s house, Ben’s house, and the Queen’s place.

Ultimately it’s just a great story. The whole evening makes you question what secrets your old relatives might be keeping. The mind boggles!


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