Childplays is a response to the number of questions I have seen asked about the numerous live shows aimed at children.

Has anyone taken their child to such and such, what did you think, do you think my x-year-old will like it, where should we sit, can you take a buggy etc etc etc?

Many people are simply put off by the unknown and as such a little one could miss out on a great experience.

While a search will find answers to some of these questions, reviewers don’t tend to go to children’s performances in the great numbers that go to adult shows so we are trying to redress the balance and put in one place show reviews and venue analysis in the hope that it may help other families thinking about making the trip.

This is a work in progress so if you can’t find what you want now, bookmark us and come back soon!

Forewarned is forearmed, knowledge is power and any other sayings that you can think of relating to being prepared are the buzz phrases for Childplays!

Enjoy your family theatregoing!


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