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Revolting Rhymes and Marvellous Music

Sam Wanamaker Theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe, London 4.15pm, 28 July 2018 A beautiful 16th Century style theatre, a sextet of musicians and an actor giving her all – a really lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon. This highly entertaining performance is a wonderful journey through some of Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes using the mediums of … Continue reading

Duck in the Truck

Radlett Centre, Radlett 11.30am, 29 May 2015 From Mr Childplays! Taking my daughter to a theatre on my own is always good fun, but when a theatre company like Blunderbus are in town (in this case the Radlett Centre) you know it will be one to remember. Duck in a Truck is one of my … Continue reading

CBeebies Live: The Big Band

18 April 2014 LG Arena, Birmingham, 1.30pm An afternoon of a few thousand excited pre-schoolers would not normally be my first choice of activity on a Bank Holiday, but as usual, the CBeebies Live crew put on such a fast-paced fun-filled show, it won me round. A line up of children’s telly royalty – Mister … Continue reading

Bananas in Pyjamas – Banana-riffic

The Radlett Centre, Radlett 22 March, 2014, 3.30pm As an adult, I’ve always found Bananas in Pyjamas a bit odd. I mean the name is great. It’s funny, it draws you in, but quite honestly where do you go from there? What can bananas in night attire actually do? But children find them colourful and … Continue reading

Is I Can’t Sing suitable for youngsters?

I hadn’t intended to write a review of I Can’t Sing: The X Factor Musical for Childplays but when I went to a preview performance there were so many younger people there, it struck home that the TV show has so many young fans, parents may well be planning a visit. Therefore – you can … Continue reading