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Horrible Histories: Barmy Britain (Part 4)

Hertford Theatre, Hertford 7.00pm, 25 July 2018 “So St Alban was actually executed in St Albans, what are the chances of that?! And so the chuckling began. It’s the ability of the Horrible Histories team to be really silly and show how crazy our history is, yet provide their audiences with the correct historical facts … Continue reading

Gangsta Granny

Hertford Theatre, Hertford 7.00pm, March 2018 Both funny and touching, under the guise of a fantastical adventure story, Gangsta Granny reminds us not to overlook people, whether they are youngsters (who can’t possibly know anything!) or older people (who can’t possibly be interesting!) It’s the story of Ben, who hates spending Fridays at his granny’s … Continue reading

George’s Marvellous Medicine

Aylesbury Waterside Theatre 6.30pm, 2 February 2018 While the parent in me spent a large part of this show thinking “this is all really dangerous”, the child in me and the one with me, enjoyed it for what it was, a fantastical story from the anarchical mind of Roald Dahl that was a lot of … Continue reading


Lyttelton Theatre, National Theatre, London 2.00pm, 20 January 2018 Some critics have been a bit sniffy about John Tiffany’s production of Pinocchio. Maybe it’s because it’s at the National that they feel they have to pick things apart in their analysis and forget to just watch and enjoy. But I wonder how many of those … Continue reading


Milton Keynes Theatre, Milton Keynes 7pm, 13 December 2017 Cinderella at Milton Keynes Theatre might be the Brian Conley show but who cares? His Buttons is just flipping hilarious. What could be better than watching your young daughter laughing out loud all the way through – mainly at everything he says or does. Or finding … Continue reading


Alban Arena, St Albans 5pm, 12 December 2017 If you look at a poster for Aladdin at the Alban Arena, underneath the name of Bob Golding, in a place normally reserved for the words, EastEnders or CBeebies, or whichever popular TV programme the performer has been whisked from, it simply says “Legend”. It’s a term … Continue reading

Sleeping Beauty

Grove Theatre, Dunstable 7.00pm, 9 December 2017 With a very funny script that had me actually LOLing, some very cleverly directed scenes and a top notch cast, Evolution Pantomimes’ Sleeping Beauty at the Grove provided a great start to the panto season. Opening the show was CBeebies Rebecca Wheatley, who, as a sweet and lovely … Continue reading

Awful Auntie

Milton Keynes Theatre 7.00pm, 8 November, 2017 To be honest, Awful Auntie is a bit of an understatement but to call her Downright Evil Auntie wouldn’t have the same alliterative qualities as a title! David Walliam’s book is a kind of Agatha Christie for youngsters, but more fun, and this adaptation from Neal Foster and … Continue reading

The Hunting of the Snark

Hertford Theatre, Hertford 1.30pm, 4 November 2017 Alice in Wonderland was a bit odd but Lewis Carroll’s Hunting of the Snark is well and truly bonkers – and this show inspired by it is laugh out loud funny. Directed by Gemma Colclough, the fast paced 70-minute show by composer Gareth Cooper and playwright Annabel Wigoder … Continue reading

Book Story

Trestle Theatre, St Albans 6.00pm, 13 October 2017 Have you ever wondered what happens when you go out, leaving your books nestled comfortably and in order on their shelves? No? Well perhaps you should?! Monstro’s Book Story begins with puppets of a father reading to his son, Brian. The boy rejects a number of them before … Continue reading