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Milton Keynes Theatre, Milton Keynes 7pm, 13 December 2017 Cinderella at Milton Keynes Theatre might be the Brian Conley show but who cares? His Buttons is just flipping hilarious. What could be better than watching your young daughter laughing out loud all the way through – mainly at everything he says or does. Or finding … Continue reading


Alban Arena, St Albans 5pm, 12 December 2017 If you look at a poster for Aladdin at the Alban Arena, underneath the name of Bob Golding, in a place normally reserved for the words, EastEnders or CBeebies, or whichever popular TV programme the performer has been whisked from, it simply says “Legend”. It’s a term … Continue reading

Sleeping Beauty

Grove Theatre, Dunstable 7.00pm, 9 December 2017 With a very funny script that had me actually LOLing, some very cleverly directed scenes and a top notch cast, Evolution Pantomimes’ Sleeping Beauty at the Grove provided a great start to the panto season. Opening the show was CBeebies Rebecca Wheatley, who, as a sweet and lovely … Continue reading

Sleeping Beauty

Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage 1pm, 2 January 2016 Slick, sparkly and hilarious. This Sleeping Beauty is absolutely cracking from start to finish. There’s a clever script that is genuinely funny without merely trotting out standard panto jokes and lost of “Oh no you’re not” etc etc audience interaction. Plus, the traditional tale is jazzed up with … Continue reading


Grove Theatre, Dunstable 3pm, 22 December 2015 I love Cinderella as a panto – even though the character of Cinders is a right cow to Buttons for most of it – because it has everything, magic, love and hilarious misunderstandings – and this year’s production at the Grove has it all. The dames are key … Continue reading

Peter Pan

Alban Arena, St Albans 2pm, 19 December 2015 When you’re singing the words “Captain Hook Me Up” to Uptown Funk and Max Branning’s doing the Cha Cha Cha, you know Christmas has begun! Peter Pan at the Alban Arena appeals to all ages as a funny, adventured-packed, great looking show that – if you’ll pardon … Continue reading

Jack and the Beanstalk

Alban Arena, St Albans 21 December 2014, 1.30pm Some years ago, after a couple of dodgy productions, I have to admit the Alban Arena was not our family’s Christmas show of choice, but in recent years, after Evolution Productions came on board, it’s now one we won’t miss. This year’s Jack and the Beanstalk is … Continue reading

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Theatre 7pm, 10 December 2013 Another hugely enjoyable panto at Milton Keynes from First Family Entertainment with sparkling, slick performances, lavish sets and laughs galore. Snow White is quite hard to do because it lacks the obvious and tradional characters, but this production gets round that well, adding its own spin to the tale. … Continue reading

Cinderella – Alban Arena

8 December 2012, 5pm Aaah – Cinderella – the greatest of pantos in my book and Evolution’s production well-lived up to that billing. It’s a romp from start to finish, incorporating traditional and familiar panto convention with – wait for it – some NEW jokes! I actually LOLLED! It is full of glitz and sparkle, … Continue reading


Alban Arena, St Albans 29 December 2012, 5.00pm Apparently we are going to see Aladdin again next week! According to V that is, who was transfixed by the whole spectacle and is desperate to go again! The fact that she is normally tucked up in bed by 7pm and yet from 5pm sat through a … Continue reading